Nearly 400 years ago some brave souls set out on a rickety ship called the Mayflower, crossing "the pond" in search of a new life in America.  Somehow their brave voyage, and their thankfulness to establish the first lasting colony in the New World connected this voyage with our observance of Thanksgiving. 
Today, some brave souls have "borrowed" the Thanksgiving tradition along with the Mayflower voyage and the Pilgrims' determination, to connect it all together to create a food and fundraising event called Fill the Mayflower.  This is all in the spirit of being thankful that we live in America and enjoy freedom -and we give thanks to our military and their families who sacrifice to protect that freedom.
This Mayflower probably won't float - and is donated graciously by Buehler Mayflower each year.  Homefront Heroes "pilgrims" man (and woman) the ship, working to fill it up with non-perishable food stuffs, and gather cash donations, all to ensure our military neighbors in the Denver metro area can enjoy a happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Christmas, no matter how the economic winds blow.

Fill the Mayflower 2013 was hugely successful, thanks to supporters like our host Texas Roadhouse in Arvada, faithful volunteers from Homefront Heroes, the community and Buckley AFB, and - of course - Buehler Mayflower!

We gathered a bounty to feed 172 families, and had $2500 in funds to turn over to Operation Warmheart at Buckley (for purchasing the perishable items these families needed).

Other supporters included volunteers from Grace Fellowship of Lakewood. These volunteers stood outside the Walmart at Colfax and Wadsworth to encourage the patrons to "buy a little extra". That little extra filled an entire pickup bed.

Volunteers were busy inside the truck everytime there was a "drive by" of donations.

We were blessed by generous donations from the new Purple Heart chapter in Arvada (represented by Jeff Birdwell), the Vietnam Veterans Association Chapter 1071, the Arvada Elks Ladies Auxiliary (represented by Nora Nickle, who also serves as our ever faithful volunteer and Homefront Heroes volunteer).